Published Research

Research Plans

The Lanyang Museum plans to conduct a regional survey of cultural and natural resources in Yilan. We aim to enrich the content of our collections, increase the research samples in our Special Collection, and further our academic standing. The museum also hopes to complete its research database in an effort to create a renewed knowledge system for Yilan.

Publications by the Lanyang Museum

The Lanyang Museum publishes books, brochures, and films to meet the various needs of our researchers. We published the Lanyang Museum Series in order to enrich our exhibits, educate the public, and to showcase local traditions, and cultural diversity through the beauty of a harmonious relationship with nature.

The Lanyang Museum published its museum collections and archeological findings in the Lanyang Collections Series to preserve local culture and natural resources.

The Lanyang Research series promotes the research findings of Nature and Humanities in Yilan. This project helped to establish the Yilan knowledge base.

The Featured Exhibition series captures each of our special exhibitions with their content and achievement. While each exhibition is only available for a limited time, these books ensure visitors can read about them for years to come. 


Please contact us for more information about our publications and research findings.