Lanyang Museum Mission Statement and Emblem

Mission Statement

Yilan is itself a museum and the Lanyang Museum is a window into better understanding this area.


  1. Preserve Local Culture
  2. Research Local Culture
  3. Exhibit Local Culture
  4. Promote Local Culture
  5. Pass on Local Culture


To become a cultural foundation for Yilan, where residents engage in meaningful learning, and leisurely enjoy this burgeoning cultural space.

Lanyang Museum Emblem

The name Yilan is derived from the word “Kavalan.” The Kavalan people are an aboriginal tribe that has lived in the plains for thousands of years. The Kavalan people co-exist with many groups in this area. This cultural exchange has become the basis for our multicultural traditions. The museum chose our emblem after much careful discussion with the local residents. We chose a woodcarving that best represents traditional Kavalan culture in Yilan. The emblem is meant to reflect the multifaceted relationship that exists between the museum, nature, and local residents.

Lanyang Museum Emblem
Lanyang Museum Emblem