Time,Timeline 1989,Local residents submit a proposal for the Lanyang Museum. 1999,Preparatory Office of the Lanyang Museum is established. 2004,Lanyang is upgraded to a second tier organization in the Yilan county government. 2004,Ground is broken for the museum. 2008/04/02,Main structure is built. 2010,The Beauty of Handmade Craft-Yilan Living Arts Exhibition. 2010,Lanyang Museum wins the 7th Far Eastern Architectural Prize for Outstanding Taiwanese Architecture and First Prize at the 2010 Taiwan Architecture Awards. 2010,Grand opening. 2010,Special Exhibition: Uncovering Kiwulan. 2011,Moving Treasures of the Wilderness–Ground Beetle Exhibition. 2011,Layang Museum–Birth of a New Architecture. 2011,Romantic Reality-Exhibition of Postwar Lanyang Architecture. 2012,On the Tranks of Anthropologists-Centennial Exhibit of Taiwan Anthropology. 2012,Platinum Legends–A Special Exhibition on Eel. 2013,The Spirit of the Ocean–An Educational Exhibit on Cetaceans. 2013,Lanyang Museum receives “The Certificate Environmental Education Facility and Field” from Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan. 2013,Art within Life-Yilan Folk Print Exhibition. 2014,Toucheng “Qianggu” Exhibition-The Ghost Festival in Yilan. 2014,The Museum@Yilan–Exhibition of Cultural Museums Family. 2015,Stories of the Water: The Science, Civilization, and Future of Water Exhibition. 2015,Out of the BLUE-An Exhibition on Yilan Indigo Dyeing. 2016,The Public Art Establishment Standard is approved and the Lanyang Museum is termed public art. 2016,Museum Stories in Yilan. 2016,Lanyang Museum wins 2016 Merit Award for “Environmental Education Facility and Field”. 2016,A Featured Exhibition on the Legendary Cypress of Yilan. 2017,Receives Merit Award for Environmental Education Project Grand execution from EPA of the Executive Yuan. 2017,Lanyang Museum wins First Prize at the Fifth Annual National Environmental Education Awards. 2017,Blihun recovered, reconstructed, reappeared—Featured Exhibition for the Current Archaeological Excavation. 2017,The Flying Phoenix-A Taiwanese Sectarian Culture Exhibition. 2018,The Exhibition of Yilan Community Achievement 2018. 2019,Yilan Geological Exhibition